Reese Will Not Have to Live in an IMD with Breast Cancer


Reese had significant behavior issues when she lived in the community. The regional center eventually placed Reese in an IMD that was more than 150 miles away from her home community. The regional center notified OCRA of Reese’s IMD admission and provided OCRA with a copy of her comprehensive assessment. Reese stated clearly that she wanted to return to her community. While OCRA advocated for Reese to live in the least restrictive environment, the regional center attempted to relocate her to another IMD, which allowed outings into the community. However, this other IMD denied her application. During this process, Reese was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began to receive chemotherapy and may need surgery in the near future. OCRA and the regional center are working together to find a placement that more appropriately meets Reese’s medical and behavioral needs, so she can continue her breast cancer treatment in her home community.