Raul Obtains 283 Hours of IHSS


Raul needs supervision at all times and support with all of his daily living skills.  Raul received some IHSS hours, but his mother questioned why he was not receiving the maximum 283 hours of IHSS per month.  OCRA explained how Raul could meet the IHSS severely impaired standard and how to appeal the county’s decision.  OCRA also explained the individual IHSS category definitions to Raul’s mother and showed her how to record his needs for each service in a weekly chart.  Once Raul’s mother completed the chart and determined that he met the severely impaired standard, she appealed the denial.  OCRA helped her prepare for the hearing by reviewing Raul’s IPP, regional center documents, psychological reports, and educational records, which supported his mother’s position.  OCRA also helped Raul’s mother prepare the evidence packet for the hearing.  At the hearing, the county agreed to reassess Raul’s needs within 30 days.  The county reviewed all of the documentation that Raul’s mother provided and determined that he met the IHSS severely impaired definition.  The county granted Raul 283 hours per month of IHSS.