Peer Advocate Encourages Client with Diabetes to Use Self-Advocacy Skills and Technology


Walter called OCRA for information on how to get help using his new glucometer and managing his health needs after his recent diabetes diagnosis.  He stated that his independent living skills (ILS) worker would not assist him because she was not certified or trained.  He also thought it was too difficult for him to use the glucometer by himself.  He was frustrated with his ILS worker for not being able to help him check his blood sugar levels.  Walter thought he needed nursing services to monitor his diabetes.  OCRA advised Walter that many people monitor their blood sugar levels without need for a nurse.  OCRA advised Walter to ask for an IPP meeting to see how the regional center could help him and suggested he ask for training from a nurse on how to use the glucometer.  OCRA also found YouTube videos that may guide Walter step-by-step on how to use the glucometer.  OCRA reassured Walter that he is a strong self-advocate and will learn to manage his diabetes with a little additional training and support from the regional center.  OCRA explained that the regional center can help him develop a plan to support him in managing his diabetes.  OCRA also assisted Walter to format the agenda for his future IPP meeting with the regional center.