Owen Gets His SSI Back and Is Reinstated in the Ticket to Work Program


Owen is a young adult who attends junior college. He is a very talented computer artist and hopes to eventually get a job in computer graphics and be self-supporting. He was receiving SSI and signed up for the SSI Ticket to Work program with the Department of Rehabilitation. The Ticket to Work program allows recipients to postpone the SSI eligibility redetermination process during the time they are training for the work which will make them self-supporting. There was a typographical error in Owen’s Social Security number on the original DOR application. Because of this mistake, SSI reevaluated him and terminated his SSI because he was doing so well in school. Owen and his mother were unsuccessful in getting this corrected on their own, so they called OCRA for assistance. OCRA contacted the local Social Security Ticket to Work program representative who was extremely helpful and followed the case through several administrative hurdles over a six month period. Eventually, Social Security corrected the mistake and reinstated Owen’s SSI and Ticket to Work so he can continue his education.