OCRA Advocate Inquiry Results in Six Months of Retroactive Pay


Ana’s IHSS social worker told her they were terminating her IHSS benefits completely, but did not send her a written notice of action. Ana’s IHSS provider continued to serve her, but had not been paid from July 2015 to December 2015, despite numerous calls and attempts to contact the county about the issue. OCRA agreed to assist Ana by using the advocate inquiry complaint process. OCRA sent the inquiry, noting the verbal IHSS termination with no written notice of action and no payments to the provider, and requested review of Ana’s case. After IHSS county staff investigated the matter and spoke with Ana’s mother, they agreed to reinstate Ana’s hours and send a proper written notice of action to Ana if they planned to terminate her IHSS. They also agreed to give Ana’s IHSS provider six months of retroactive pay.