Medi-Cal in Rural California Forum for Professionals


OCRA recently contributed to a community training forum that was attended by 100 medical professionals, social workers, and other service providers. OCRA is part of The Diversability Advocacy Network (DAN), a partnership made up of local organizations in northern California. DAN’s focus is to provide information regarding health care changes, the shift to managed care, and long-term services and supports (LTSS) in the local rural counties. DAN advocates on a systemic level for persons with disabilities and older adults to ensure that LTSS systems are accessible. DAN also advocates for LTSS continuity of care, and engages with county agencies, community-based organizations, and health plans throughout northern California. Presenters at this all-day forum included staff from local health plans, health care systems, advocates, and hospital and mental health professionals. They spoke on a variety of topics, including the “Future of Medi-Cal Managed Care in Rural California,” and a panel discussion on “Models of Integrated Care.” Participants’ surveys at the end of the day awarded the seminar high marks across the board.