Julie Receives Extended School Year Services


After being discharged from the hospital, Julie could not attend school because her immune system was compromised and she had extensive medical needs. Once her health stabilized, her parents notified Julie’s school that she was ready for educational services in her home. The school district demanded that Julie return to the public school setting, threatening truancy action against Julie’s parents if she didn’t return. OCRA attended an IEP meeting to obtain educational supports and services in the home. At the IEP meeting, OCRA presented a letter from Julie’s doctor which explained Julie’s medical need for her to be educated in the home setting, along with the appropriate number of instructional hours and related services. The IEP team agreed to six hours per week of home instruction, 30 minutes per week of speech services in the home, and 30 minutes per week of occupation therapy in the home. Julie’s parents also requested extended school year services, however, they were not sure if Julie would be able to enroll if she had another surgery during that time period. Julie started to receive educational services in the home and began to show signs of academic improvement. When Julie’s parents notified the school that she would not be having the surgery, the home teacher informed Julie’s mother that the home school hours and services would not be provided during extended school year. Again, OCRA got involved and contacted the school district. As a result, Julie will continue to receive speech therapy, occupational therapy, and instruction in her home during the extended school year.