College Student Obtains Accommodations


Marianna, a university student, had been unable to obtain the accommodations she needed, including a note taker for her class, working elevators, and a table in each classroom to accommodate her wheelchair. She contacted DRC for assistance.

DRC represented Marianna in meetings with the university and DOR. Because of DRC’s advocacy, the university agreed to provide a table in each of her classrooms. The Office of Students with Disabilities agreed to assist her with finding a note taker. Finally, the university identified two individuals for her to contact should she encounter any physical barriers preventing her from accessing her classes or other on-campus activities. Those individuals agreed to promptly respond to any reports of accessibility issues and find a solution, including moving classrooms to the first floor when an elevator is broken.

The DOR agreed to provide Marianna with an assessment to customize a table for her to use with her wheelchair so she would not have to rely on schools provided by the school. The DOR agreed to assist her with locating and funding a note taker if the university could not locate one.  Due to DRC’s advocacy, Marianna is one-step closer to obtaining her bachelor’s degree and working in the area of child development.