Bruce Obtains Respite Services While Hospitalized


Bruce’s mother contacted OCRA after being denied respite services because he was hospitalized. Bruce had been in the hospital for over a month and needed constant supervision while there. His mother could only leave his side briefly when other family members came to visit and she was overwhelmed. Respite was stopped without written notice of action. Since respite can only be provided in the home, the respite agency had thought they were not allowed to provide respite in the hospital. OCRA contacted the regional center and explained that Bruce required around-the-clock supervision by another person, even while hospitalized. OCRA explained that Bruce’s mother had not had a break from caring for him for more than a month and was not able to go home and see her other child. OCRA requested the respite services be reinstated. The regional center and respite agency immediately reinstated the respite services and Bruce’s mother was finally able to take a much-needed break.