How to Get Help

To ask for legal help, call DRC at 1-800-776-5746 (Voice) or fill out our Short Term Assistance Request Form. For TTY call 1-800-776-5746. We will contact you in 2-3 days. If your issue is a DRC priority, we will schedule an appointment. We will give you general information, referrals or self-advocacy materials. We may represent you if we have the resources. Please look for help from other agencies or attorneys. Some issues have deadlines. Please read any notices you receive. Respond to timelines contained in the notices.

DRC cannot handle certain issues.  Look here for some common issues we do not handle.

If you are a regional center client, you may ask for help from the Office of Clients’ Rights Advocacy (OCRA).

Office of Clients’ Rights Advocacy
1-800-390-7032 (Voice Northern California)
1-916-504-5820 (Voice)
1-866-833-6712 (Voice Southern California)
1-877-669-6023 (TTY)

If you are a resident at a state psychiatric hospital, you may ask for help from the California Office of Patients’ Rights (COPR).

California Office of Patients’ Rights
1-916-504-5810 (Voice)

For information about our work on state bills and budget you may call:

Public Policy
1-916-504-5800 (Voice)

For information about our media and communications work you may call:

1-916-504-5938 (Voice)
1-800-719-5798 (TTY)

For information about our self-advocacy work, you may call:

Peer Self-Advocacy Unit
1-916-504-5800 (Voice)
1-800-719-5798 (TTY)