2020 Annual Report - Census

2020 Annual Report - Census

2020 Advocacy Victories

Claiming the Power of the Count #DisabilityCounts2020

drc joined with other disability organizations, state and county census offices, and the U.S. Census Bureau to make sure the disability community was aware of the 2020 census and knew how to be counted. The U.S. Census Bureau started collecting information March 2020 going into fall 2020, with the planning and collaboration efforts happening back in 2019.

While the United States census only comes around once every 10 years, census data play a vital role in the lives of people with disabilities every day.

drc advocacy:


Accessibility & Advocacy

Ensuring all outreach efforts and the census form were accessible to everyone, including those living in group facilities.

Opposing the White House memorandum issued July 21, 2020, that would negatively impact the 2020 census by not counting every person in the United States. Once President Biden came into office, he signed an executive order reversing the previous administration's unconstitutional policy of excluding undocumented immigrants from the 2020 Census count.


Outreach & Training

Creating materials in multiple languages and providing webinars/trainings in the various languages and American Sign Language (ASL). 

Training all Executive Directors at the twenty-one regional centers across California who serve over 300,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Providing targeted outreach to intersectional and diverse communities, the homeless, Spanish speaking, blind and low vision communities, independent living and mental health communities, and regional center clients. 



We joined the campaign to educate and motivate people about the 2020 Census, which was one of the largest campaigns in U.S. government history. We starting promoting at the end of 2019 and throughout 2020, sharing messaging and stories online and on social media.   

Staying up to date as dates and information changed related to the pandemic.

Participating in Census Day April 1st promoting stories, messaging and virtual events.


Individuals Supporting the Census During Census Day

“It is crucial that every community is counted for the 2020 Census. Every voice matters in shaping our country’s representation, programs for upcoming years, and making a difference for the future of our country,” says Andrew Imparato, Executive Director, Disability Rights California.

A Polaroid photo a Raymond smiling holding a piece of paper showing what he says in his quote.
“We completed the 2020 Census because our voices matter!” - Raymond
“My mom counts me in the Census but not my dog. 2020 Census!” - Banyan Hwang
A Polaroid photo a Banyan smiling holding a piece of paper showing what he says in his quote.
A Polaroid photo a Mary smiling holding a piece of paper showing what she says in his quote.
“Why did I fill out the Census? I want to make sure that persons with disabilities get the services needed.” - Mary Rios
A young child with a disability smiling.

Shaping the Future for the Disability Community

Now that the data has been collected, the U.S. Census Bureau will analyze the data that shapes our future for the next ten years, including how more than $800 billion in federal funding is distributed to critical programs that support and protect the rights of people with disabilities. Programs such as special education, healthcare, housing, food/income security, and more.

drc will continue to provide leadership regarding Census and participate at the California Count Committee meetings.