2022 Annual Report - Social Security

2022 Annual Report - Social Security


Advocacy Victories Social Security

Some members of DRC's Office of Client's Rights Advocates (OCRA) celebrating work anniversaries

Richard Avoids a $4,000 Overpayment and Wins Back His SSI

Richard's mother contacted Disability Rights California’s Office of Clients’ Rights Advocates (OCRA) because Social Security sent her a letter saying Richard was no longer eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

No one in the Spanish-speaking household could read Spanish well enough to understand the SSI letter or file an appeal. An Assistant Clients’ Rights Advocate was able to explain the situation to Richard’s mother in Spanish.

OCRA investigated Social Security’s decision and found two mistakes: Richard's mother's income should have not counted against Richards's SSI, and Social Security overcalculated Richard's father's wages.

OCRA helped Richard file an appeal explaining that Richard’s mother’s wages for taking care of him should not count against Richard's SSI. OCRA also provided information about Richard's father's wages to Social Security.

Because of this advocacy, Social Security reversed their decision and restarted Richard’s SSI benefits. They also removed a $4,000 overpayment from his account, so he did not owe anything.
Some of DRC's OCRA staff celebrating work anniversaries.