2021 Annual Report - Year in Review

2021 Annual Report - Year in Review


2021 Year in Review

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2021 A Year In Review

Message from drc Executive Director and Board President

Dear Friends and Supporters,

2021 was a year that challenged us in many ways as we continued to work in a world that can be described as unprecedented. I think we can agree that the work of Disability Rights California has never been more important!

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact communities throughout the nation but disproportionately impacted people with disabilities, who suffered higher death rates than individuals without disabilities. With this ongoing crisis in mind, we started the year advocating for vaccine access and were part of conversations at a state level for recommendations on vaccine prioritization and distribution planning.

We also advocated for equal access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities during the pandemic and for the health and safety of individuals in detention facilities and state hospitals. As part of this work, we successfully won a settlement in a landmark case that supported vulnerable patients at one of the largest psychiatric facilities in the nation.

As California continued to recover from the pandemic's economic crisis, we advocated for greater employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We also hosted a multi-day summit with national, state, and business leaders discussing solutions for working together to promote an economy that is open and accessible for all people with disabilities, including people from intersectional communities and people with significant support needs. 

DRC was excited to be selected as a winner by the Anthem Awards, where we were recognized as an organization dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). This is a national honor, and DRC was in good company as a winner among other organizations working on issue of DEI.

As we move into 2022, we remain dedicated to advancing our mission and supporting individuals and families across California through outreach, investigations, information sharing, litigation, advocacy, and public policy efforts.  We look forward to continuing to engage with elected officials, community leaders, coalition groups, and other organizations to advance human rights, economic dignity, and racial equity.

Thank you to the people we serve, their families, caregivers, and our amazing employees for their continued resilience.  Working together, we can build a brighter future for people with disabilities in California and their families!

We hope you enjoy our 2021 annual report.

With gratitude,

Signature for Andrew J. Imparato Andrew J. Imparato
drc Executive Director
Signature for Jeffrey Thom Jeffrey Thom
2021 drc Board President

2021 Board of Directors

  • Jeffrey Thom, President
  • Sandra Smith, Chair
  • James “Jim” Janz, CFO
  • Deaka McClain, Secretary
  • Ralph Black
  • Alison Brunner
  • Lorraine Casto
  • Chuck Ehrlich
  • Sheri Farinha
  • Elizabeth Gomez
  • Imari S. Nuyen-Kariotis
  • Richard Olgierd Krzyzanowski
  • Marty Omoto
  • Katherine Perez
  • Héctor Ramírez
  • Anthony “Tony” Sauer
  • Yolanda Vargas