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What is OCRA?

The Office of Clients' Rights Advocacy (OCRA) is part of Disability Rights California. OCRA is funded through a contract with the California Department of Developmental Services. OCRA has been providing advocacy services to regional center consumers, their families, and interested community members since 1999. OCRA provides legal services to consumers of all 21 regional centers throughout California. This is done by having a Clients' Rights Advocate (CRA) designated for each regional center catchment area. The CRA can help with legal problems, conduct trainings, and investigate denials of rights.


Who is your CRA?

To contact your OCRA office, call one of OCRA's toll-free numbers:

Northern California 1-800-390-7032 (TTY 877-669-6023)

Southern California 1-866-833-6712 (TTY 877-669-6023)

Or you can call your advocate directly at the number listed below:

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OCRA Sucess Stories

A.R. Receives Funding to Obtain Early Intervention Services at a Child Development Center and Travel Reimbursement for Related Costs.

A.R. is a two-year-old child who is eligible to receive early intervention services from the regional center.  A.R.’s parent received a notice of action from the regional center stating that A.R.’s tuition at the child development center, and mileage reimbursement to access the center’s services, were being terminated.  The regional center’s written notice incorrectly stated that the local education agency was responsible for funding these services. OCRA agreed to represent A.R. and filed for hearing against the regional center. Soon after the hearing began, the regional center agreed to enter into a settlement agreement.  The regional center agreed to fund the child development center tuition, hire an early intervention specialist for A.R. at the center site, and reimburse the parent the full cost of mileage to transport the child to the center site and her weekly appointments with her occupational therapist and physical therapists.  Timothy Poe, Supervising CRA, Brigitte Ammons, Los Angeles Regional Office, Mario Espinoza, CRA, Valerie Geary, Assistant CRA, Kern Regional Center.


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OCRA Brochure (#5015.01)

Fact Sheets on Changes to the Law

Rights Under the Lanterman Act Manual

Special Education Rights and Responsibilities Manual


Upcoming Events

How to understand my child IEP

Feb 3, 2105 at Gilroy Unified School district office, 7810 Arroyo Circle, Gilroy CA
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Contact: Filomena (408-) 374-2470

OCRA Golden Gate Regional Center Open House

Date: February 12, 2015
Location: 825 Howard St San Francisco, CA 94103
For more info please contact: Christine Tarrant (415) 499-9724

Parent support group Angeles sin Fronteras Conference 2015

April 18, 2015 More information to come.
Contact: Filomena Alomar (408) 374-2470




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