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OCRA is the Office of Clients’ Rights Advocacy

Providing free legal information, advice and representation to regional center clients.


What is OCRA?

The Office of Clients' Rights Advocacy (OCRA) is part of Disability Rights California. OCRA is funded through a contract with the California Department of Developmental Services. OCRA has been providing advocacy services to regional center consumers, their families, and interested community members since 1999. OCRA provides legal services to consumers of all 21 regional centers throughout California. This is done by having a Clients' Rights Advocate (CRA) designated for each regional center catchment area. The CRA can help with legal problems, conduct trainings, and investigate denials of rights.


Who is your CRA?

To contact your OCRA office, call one of OCRA's toll-free numbers:

Northern California 1-800-390-7032 (TTY 877-669-6023)

Southern California 1-866-833-6712 (TTY 877-669-6023)

Or you can call your advocate directly at the number listed below:

Management Team

Alta California Regional Center

Central Valley Regional Center

East Los Angeles Regional Center

Far Northern Regional Center

Golden Gate Regional Center

Harbor Regional Center

Inland Regional Center

Kern Regional Center

Lanterman Regional Center

North Bay Regional Center

North Los Angeles County Regional Center

Redwood Coast Regional Center - Eureka

Regional Center of the East Bay

Regional Center of Orange County

San Andreas Regional Center

San Diego Regional Center

San Gabriel / Pomona Regional Center

South Central LA Regional Center

Tri-Counties Regional Center

Valley Mountain Regional Center

Westside Regional Center

OCRA Sucess Stories

H.T. Moves from a Developmental Center to a Home of His Own

After nearly 20 years of living at a Developmental Center, H.T. decided he wanted to move. In 2014, he filed a request to leave the Developmental Center with the Superior Court. OCRA received notice of the writ and agreed to help. OCRA attended numerous meetings and hearings for H.T. and worked with the regional center, regional project, and provider to plan for his release. OCRA also assisted H.T. directly with issues along the way that could have been barriers to placement. H.T. is now living in his own home and exploring his community with supports that enable him to live as independently as possible. He helped to decorate his new home with some artwork he selected, and a bamboo plant for good luck. H.T. is also now living close to his sister and is enjoying her home-cooking. Asa Marie Standfeldt, CRA, Ramona Landeros, Assistant CRA, William Leiner, Supervising CRA, Alta California Regional Center.

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