Voting Rights

DRC works so people with disabilities can vote privately and independently. We train poll workers and people with disabilities about voting rights. We make sure poll places and voting machines are accessible. To learn more, keep reading.

DRC’s Voting Rights Unit advocates ensuring that voting is fully accessible for people with disabilities by educating government agencies about best practices and by educating voters with disabilities about their rights including options that allow them to vote privately and independently. DRC’s Voting Rights Unit provides outreach in the disability community with voting rights and civic participation trainings; advocates with government agencies to improve the voter registration process for people with disabilities; collaborates with election officials to improve accessibility of the voting process; runs an election day hotline to assist voters with election related complaints; tests accessible voting equipment; creates helpful publications for both voters with disabilities and election officials; trains poll workers on making voting accessible; and participates on disability-focused committees in numerous counties.

Are You Having Difficulty Voting Because of a Disability?
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