DRC Client Gets Vehicle to Keep His Job


Rual Zenteno has been a customer care representative for a Lexus Dealership in Van Nuys since 2005. In 2013, he risked losing his job and not being able to support his family.

He uses a power wheelchair and has a modified vehicle to travel to and from work. His van, which the DOR purchased nearly 20 years ago, had more than 200 thousand miles. It regularly broke down, and many of the modifications didn’t work properly. “The modifications are critical in allowing me to drive myself to and from work without relying on someone else,” Rual said

Rual asked DOR to modify a new vehicle he purchased himself. But the department denied his request. He contacted DRC and Rebecca Hoyt, advocate for the Client Assistance Program, represented him in an administrative hearing. The judge ordered DOR to make the modifications to Rual’s van. “I am eternally indebted to DRC for helping me fight the bureaucracy to get what I need, to not only stay employed, but remain independent and help my daughter.”