Right to Request a Home Hearing


If you request an IHSS state fair hearing, this pub tells you how to ask for a hearing in your home. You can ask for this when you cannot attend a hearing because of poor health.

If you request a California State Fair Hearing and you cannot attend the hearing at the designated location in the county due to medical, physical, transportation limitations or other reason, you can request a home hearing. MPP 22-045.11 “If the claimant is unable to attend the hearing at the hearing location for reasons of poor health, the hearing shall be held in the claimant's home or in another place agreed to by the county and the claimant.”

How to Request a Home Hearing:

  • When you receive a notice of action you disagree with, you can appeal and request a state fair hearing. You can make your request for a home hearing when you request a state fair hearing. Explain the reason you need a home hearing and any verification that explains your need for a home hearing. If you do not submit verification the state may require you to support your reason you cannot attend the hearing at the designated hearing location.
  • If you do not request a home hearing when you request your state fair hearing, you can contact the California Public Inquiry and Response Unit (Public Inquiry) at (800) 952-5253 to request a home hearing. If Public Inquiry says no or they do not respond, you can contact the local hearing office and ask to speak to the presiding judge for the regional hearing office in your area regarding your request for a home hearing:

    Northern Valley Office (NVO)
    Karlen Harmison, Presiding Judge
    744 P Street, MS 19-44, Sacramento, CA 95814-5512
    Phone: (916) 651-0927
    Toll free line: (866) 538-2431
    FAX: (916) 651-2737

    Los Angeles Regional Office (LARO)
    Dora Luna, Presiding Judge
    744 P Street, MS 28-01, Sacramento, CA 95814-5512
    Phone: (213) 833-2200
    Toll free line: (866) 708-0792
    FAX: (213) 833-2230

    San Diego Regional Office (SDRO)
    Anthony Gurrola, Presiding Judge
    744 P Street, MS 28-03, Sacramento, CA 95814-5512
    Phone: (760) 510-4999
    Toll free line: (866) 388-4427
    FAX: (760) 510-4998


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