Medi-Cal Mental Health Entitlement!!!


Medi-Cal Mental Health Entitlement!!!

This pub tells you about mental health services you can get. It tells you about services you can get from Medi-Cal. It tells you what to do if you cannot get the service you need.

Did you know that there is an entitlement to mental health services in California? It’s true. It’s been true since the Medi-Cal program started in 1966. Children, adults and older adults who qualify for Medi-Cal are entitled to needed services. Federal and state laws mandate it.

Medi-Cal mental health services expanded greatly with the adoption of targeted case management in 1991 and rehabilitative mental health services in 1993. These services can be provided in a variety of community settings and at home if necessary. Each county must provide all covered services including the following:

  • Targeted Case Management (aid to access housing, supports, work)
  • Mental Health Services (counseling, assessment, service plan development)
  • Rehabilitation (individualized assistance with recovery goals)
  • Crisis Intervention, Stabilization, & Residential Services (including at home)
  • Transitional Residential Programs (up to 18 months)
  • Medication Support Services (including informed consent and plan development)
  • If you are a consumer, you have a right to services based on your goals. All services must be provided in accordance with a service plan that you should sign, and receive a copy of.
  • If you are a family member, you are encouraged to participate with your loved one.
  • If you are a provider, you can support a beneficiary to receive desired services.
  • If you are an advocate, you can assist a client in appealing the denial of a service.



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