Important Changes Coming to Medi-Cal in December 2020 for Many Age 65 or Older and People With Disabilities


Important Changes Coming to Medi-Cal in December 2020 for Many Age 65 or Older and People With Disabilities

This publication identifies changes and updates that advocates need to know about the aged, blind, and disabled FPL Medi-Cal Exapansion starting December of 2020.

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Starting December 1, 2020, Medi-Cal has a higher income limit for people in the “Aged & Disabled” Medi-Cal Program. This means that you can get or keep free Medi-Cal when you earn more money. Here are the old and new income limits:

Household Size Previous Monthly Income Limit December 1, 2020 Limit Difference
1 $1,294 $1,468 + $174
2 $1,747 $1,983 + $236

How Does this Impact me?

If you have a share of the cost of $848 or less (or $1,030 or less for couples), you should qualify for free Medi-Cal in December. You should automatically move to free Medi-Cal, but if that does not happen contact your county or contact your local Health Consumer Center using the number below.

The new monthly income limit is just the baseline income. It will increase slightly every April. You can still deduct certain types of income and things like health insurance premiums and part of your earned income.

New Simplification of Rules:

Also beginning December, if you move in and out of free Medi-Cal based on whether the state or you pay your Medicare Part B premium, you will keep free Medi-Cal. The state will remove this confusing rule that calculates income differently based on whether you or the state pays the premium.

Call a Health Consumer Center at any time at 1-888-804-3536 if you have more questions or need help. You can also go to

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