Webinar: Have no Fear! Debunking Myths About Going Back to Work

It’s very common that people with disabilities fear going back to work. There are many misleading myths that may prevent us from seeking employment. We will debunk these myths by discovering programs that can help us get back to the workforce.

Have no Fear! Debunking Myths About Going Back to Work

About the webinar:

This webinar will walk us through programs and supports that can assist us on our journey to employment. We will debunk the myths about going back to work by exploring the following:

Come join us as we discus:

  • What Myths are out there - What have you heard?
  • Wondering - Where do you start?
  • Let’s Map out the Route to your Employment Journey
  • Gear up! Let’s Prepare with Tools, Skills and Techniques
  • Employment Journey Detours, U-turns and Self-Advocacy Scenic Views Along the Way


Rosy Tellez, Peer Self-Advocacy Coordinator with Disability Rights California, brings extensive peer employment training expertise. She facilitated Peer Specialist Trainings in Los Angeles County for the past 13 years. Having navigated Department of Mental Health Youth and Adult services, Rosy uses Peer Support, Self-Help and Peer Advocacy as primary Wellness tools. She is an important role model for the peer community.


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