Webinar: Achieve A Better Life Experience (ABLE) Through A CalABLE Account

A piggy bank on a table with coins and a model car inside.

If you want to buy a car or a house and you receive SSI benefits, now you can! The California ABLE Act now allows you to save up to $100,000 without impacting your monthly SSI payments. Join us to learn how you can get your own CalABLE account and start saving for your future.


Achieve A Better Life Experience (ABLE) Through A CalABLE Account

About the webinar:

Before the California ABLE Act (CalABLE) was launched in 2018, a person with a disability living in California could not save more than $2,000 without impacting their SSI benefits. By getting a CalABLE account, you can now save up to $100,000 without reducing your SSI payments! Getting a car or buying a house is now within your reach!

In this webinar to the audience learned more about:

  • The California ABLE Act (CalABLE)
  • The Features and Benefits of CalABLE Accounts
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Qualified Disability Expenses (QDE)
  • How to Enroll and Open a CalABLE Account


Rosy Tellez, Peer Self-Advocacy Coordinator with Disability Rights California, brings extensive peer employment training expertise. She facilitated Peer Specialist Trainings in Los Angeles County for the past 13 years and holds a high peer employment placement success rate. Having navigated Department of Mental Health Youth and Adult services, Rosy uses Peer Support, Self-Help and Peer Advocacy as primary Wellness tools. She is an important role model for the peer community.