We Want to Hear From You - 2022 Disability Rights California Survey

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We Want to Hear From You - 2022 Disability Rights California Survey

We’d like your input as we review and revise the priorities of our work for 2023. You can tell us what is important by answering the questions below.  If you need help, please call us at (800) 776-5746 and say, “I need help with your survey.” 

Responses are due by:  July 1, 2022.

We believe collecting information from you about your race, ethnicity, age, sex and sexual orientation will help us to understand how people from diverse backgrounds access services. We would greatly appreciate it if you share this information with us, but we understand if you choose not to. 


Sexual Orientation

What Would You Like to Tell Us About? (select all that apply)


1. Have you or a loved one with a disability been subjected to discrimination based on? (select all that apply)
2. Have you been denied accommodations or effective communication?
3. Where has it been most challenging for you to gain equal access or accommodations? (select all that apply)


1. Do you believe you/your child’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or Section 504 Plan helps you/your child to perform better in school?
2. Are you worried about you/your child’s special education services or supports?
If YES what areas? (select all that apply)


1. Have you had problems getting or keeping a job because of your disability?
2. Have you worked with the Department of Rehabilitation?
3. Have you received any of these vocational supports from DOR? (select all that apply)


1. Has it been difficult for you to get any of the following services? (select all that apply)
2. Has it been difficult for you to get Durable Medical Equipment because you have.
3. Do you fear that you are at risk of being unable to live in your own home?
4. What do you need to remove barriers to get or continue to get the services that you need? (select all that apply)


1. How would you describe your housing?
3. What do you need for your housing to be stable? (select all that apply)

Mental Health Services

1. Have you been able to access voluntary mental health services?
2. Have you ever faced involuntary mental health treatment?
3. Do you need accommodations in your workplace or school based on mental health?

Regional Center Services (RC)

1. How satisfied are you with your RC services?

2. Do you believe the RC is providing you with support that addresses your/your family member’s specific needs in the areas of:

Living independently?
Developing daily living skills?
Work experiences or training?
Being involved in my community?
3. Which best describes the role your RC plays in helping you/your family member access the services? 

Rights In Institutions

1. Have you or a loved one experienced a stay in? (select all that apply)
2. While in a facility did you/your family member have access to adequate? (select all that apply)

Voting Rights

1. Which of the following voting rights issues have you or someone you know faced? (select all that apply)
2. Which voting rights issues should DRC work on over the next three years (select all that apply)


Below we have listed the advocacy goals DRC plans to work on for the next 3 years:

  • Equal Access and Non-Discrimination
  • Affordable, Accessible Housing
  • Competitive Integrated Employment
  • Freedom from Abuse and Neglect by Caregivers
  • Choice, Inclusion, and Equity for People with IDD
  • Community Based Supports for People with Significant Mental Illness
  • Supportive and Restorative Supports in Institutions
  • Ensuring Access to Healthcare and Home and Community-Based Services
  • Access to Quality Education
  • Accessible Voting

What do you think of these goals? Do they cover everything? Are any of these goals important for you or a loved one?