Yolanda Vargas

Board Director
Portrait photo of Yolanda Vargas.

1st Term: 8/14/17 - 8/14/20

Disability Rights California
Attn: Yolanda Vargas
1831 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Yolanda Vargas, who is disabled, spends her days helping disabled youth become self-advocates. However, she wasn’t always concerned about the rights of disabled people. It wasn’t until her little brother was born with Down syndrome that she realized disabled people have to continually fight for the right to exist in their communities. She wants to “ensure future generations of disabled people are able to maintain and gain the rights we deserve.”

Yolanda is on the board of Working for Inclusive and Transformative Healthcare. She reviews grant applications to make sure proposals will positively influence disabled people and build self-advocacy skills.

She is also a disability ambassador for the World Institute on Disability.

As a Disability Rights California board member, Yolanda wants to provide insight on how to better serve and reach marginalized communities.

“I am a Latinx woman who identifies as pansexual and has multiple disabilities: including mental health disabilities, a developmental disability that manifests in the form of physical limitations and wheelchair use.”