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Employment Publications (in alphabetical order)


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Disability Rights California provides materials in alternative formats and provides disability related reasonable accommodations when requested. If you need materials in an alternative format or if you need reasonable accommodations to access other DRC services call 916-504-5800; TTY 800-719-5798.

America's Job Center of California (pdf) (rtf) (Pub #5521.01)

Consumer Advocate Handbook (pdf) (rtf) (html) (Pub #5486.01)

Employment Rights Under the Americans With Disabilities Act (pdf) (rtf) (Pub #5068.01)

Employment Supports/Work Incentive Programs Under Title II -SSDI (pdf) (rtf) (Pub #5522.01)

Employment Supports/Work Incentive Programs Under Title XVI –SSI (pdf) (rtf) (Pub #5523.01)

Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace Fact Sheet (pdf) (rtf) (html) (Pub #F067.01)

Self Employment Fact Sheet (html) or Self Employment Fact Sheet (pdf) (Pub #5454.01)