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What is the PATBI Program?

PATBI promotes the rights of people with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) through advocacy assistance, education, and outreach to build TBI community awareness and support for inclusion. This program was established by federal grants from the Department of Health and Human Services. Thus, it is free to people with Traumatic Brain Injury, concerned family members, and friends.

Purpose of the PATBI Program

People with TBI and their family and friends often might not be aware of their rights and available resources. PATBI attempts to bridge the gap by providing the following:

Information, referral, and advice on independent living

Representation in certain cases that protect their rights

Self-advocacy training to individuals with TBI and to their families and friends


Comprehensive Information and Services About Your Rights:

PATBI provides information to individuals with TBI and their families, such as:

Your right to public benefits

Your right to educational services

Your right to work

Your right to healthcare, including services in the community


Program Objectives:

PATBI strives to eliminate barriers for people with TBI and their families by:

Providing education, training and outreach to potential clients, collaborating with agencies, interested groups, and public and private providers regarding rights and assistance for individuals with traumatic brain injury.

Providing information and referral services on disability-related issues to people with TBI, their families and friends.

Providing advice, consultation, self-advocacy, and skill development training to people with TBI to assist them in addressing disability-related issues.

Providing representation to protect the rights of people with TBI and their families in disability-related issues.

Investigating and reviewing disability-based complaints of service providers or other entities providing services to people with TBI.

Identifying and addressing systemic issues within the TBI service system.

What educational assistance can the PATBI Project provide?

PATBI promotes public awareness to the community concerning Traumatic Brain Injury.

In addition to assisting survivors of TBI, their friends and members, the TBI Project staff is available for speaking engagements and in-servicepresentations on a wide variety of issues related to TBI. can be made to survivors of TBI, their friends and families, health care and providers, community organizations, and advocacy groups. Please contact us if we can be of service to you.

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