Services and Supports for People with
Cognitive Disabilities [1]

People with cognitive disabilities often need these services and supports:

q    Infant stimulation

q    Counseling and emotional support for parents

q    Child development training for parents

q    Early intervention services

q    Sensory stimulation

q    Physical, occupational, or speech therapy (for cognitive disability)

q    Training in self-help skills, such as feeding, cooking, cleaning, dressing, using the bathroom, personal hygiene, money management, using public transportation

q    Training in social skills, such as how to make friends and schedule leisure activities

q    Respite care

q    Coordinating and managing services

q    Advocacy services and training in self-advocacy

q    Family counseling

q    Information and referral, such as to medical, behavior, or parenting skills specialists

q    Social and legal services, such as protection, advocacy, and representation

q    Special education and related services required by law

q    Social or recreational services

q    Rehabilitative or vocational training

q    Residential care

q    Mental health services

q    Support at a job

q    Sheltered workshop services, such as vocational training and paid work opportunities

q    Supported or semi-independent living arrangements

q    Day programs to help learn skills, be more independent, and have fun

q    Transportation

q    Public assistance like SSI, Medi-Cal, SSDI or Title II Adult Disabled Child Benefits

q    Help learning a task by breaking it into smaller parts, and teaching each part, step by step

q    Behavioral training and behavior modification programs

q    Services and supports to help integrate into the community

q    Emergency and crisis intervention services

q    Help finding a place to live

q    Parenting skills for disabled people with children


[1]  The state law says “mental retardation”, but we use “cognitive disability” here, to include similar conditions.  See Supplement F for a list of common characteristics of people with similar conditions. You are not automatically eligible just because you need some or all of the services on this list.