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In the Legislature

Disability Rights California serves people with disabilities through a variety of methods, including legislative and budget advocacy. We sponsor bills, take positions on bills and budget proposals working with legislators and their staff, as well as other advocacy organizations. The following links provide you with information about our legislative unit, our legislative and public policy principles, sponsored legislation, positions on legislation and the state budget. The links also provide information about how you can become informed and take action on legislative and budget issues. We hope you explore these links and use the resources to make your own decisions about legislation and the budget. Become involved and make your voice heard in the California legislature.



Disability Rights California provides materials in alternative formats and provides disability related reasonable accommodations when requested. If you need materials in an alternative format or if you need reasonable accommodations to access other DRC services, contact You may also request materials in alternative formats and reasonable accommodations by calling 800-776-5746 or TTY 800-719-5798 or reach us through California’s Relay Service by dialing 711.


Disability Rights California - Legislative contacts

Legislation and Public Information Unit (LPIU)

1831 K Street
Sacramento, California 95811-4114
Phone (916) 504-5800
TTY (800) 719-5798