California’s protection & advocacy system

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or 213-213-8000 in Southern CA. TTY 800-719-5798.


2014 Legislative achievements

Governor signs two bills into law sponsored by DRC

No more stigmatizing terms in CA statutes

AB 1847 eliminates offensive and outdated words in statutes about people with mental health disabilities, including: crazy, lunatic, insane, feeble-minded, mentally defective and abnormal.
Assembly member Wesley Chesbro introduced the bill because those words perpetuate prejudice and stigma against people with mental health disabilities. These and similar terms will be removed from California statutes, as of January 1, 2015.

Ensuring regional center services are equally available

SB 1093 strengthens provisions that hold regional centers accountable for making sure regional center services are equally distributed across ethic and racial communities. SB 1093 also allows clients to receive independent living skills training such as cooking and doing laundry without having to move out of their family home.

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