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2013 Legislative achievements

Image of Governor signing SB 468DRC bills expand services for people with developmental disabilities and protections for those living in state institutions

Three consumer-focused bills sponsored by DRC were signed into law by the Governor this fall, representing untold hours of research, advocacy, and negotiations. We worked with consumers, family members and other advocacy groups to make sure the bills passed.

Shown is a photo of the Governor's signing ceremony for SB 468. This bill created a new self-determination service option. Regional Center consumers will be provided with an individual budget and increased flexibility to purchase services they find most useful to live and work in the community. Judy Mark said, "This law creates increased choices for consumers, including my 16-year-old son who has autism."

DRC sponsored SB 555 to make sure that consumers and families using regional center services are provided with information and services in their native language. California has a rich support system for people with developmental disabilities. But, consumers and families who do not speak English need information in their native language to better navigate the full menu of services and supports.

A third sponsored bill, SB 651, helps residents of state hospitals and developmental centers who allege they have been sexually assaulted. The new law ensures they are given immediate off-site medical exams by staff experienced in gathering sexual assault evidence. The law also sets penalties for non-compliance. The bill's author, Sen. Fran Pavley, said "this law will protect Californians from abuse, while holding both perpetrators and state caretakers accountable."



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