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2010 Sponsored legislation

Each year Disability Rights California legal and legislative staff identify possible legislative fixes for issues affecting people with disabilities. Several legislative proposals are written, and based on priority, political climate and the approval of our Board of Directors, among other factors, we decide which if any bills it will sponsor. Then legislative staff work on finding the right legislator to become the author of each bill, and persuading that legislator to take on the bill. This year we are sponsoring:


  • ACR 162 (Beall) (DRC co-sponsored) will designate the second week of October as Disability History Week. This resolution recognizes the significant advancements in civil rights achieved by the disability community and encourages schools and colleges to incorporate disability history into their classroom activities. Read our support letter (html) and (pdf). Enacted 8/9/10.
  • ACR 123 (Chesbro) will proclaim the third Monday of each September “California Memorial Project Day”, a day intended to honor and restore dignity to individuals who lived and died in California state institutions. Read our fact sheet and our support letter (pdf) for more information.
  • SB 1188 (Wright) will provide that a parent's disability may not be the basis for granting child custody or visitation to another party, and may not be reason to limit custody or visitation, unless there is a finding that it would not be in the best interest of the child. Read our support letter (pdf).


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