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2009 California State budget archive


Budget analyses after budget passage on 7/28/09


Disability Rights California summary of the final budget revisions affecting the Lanterman Act

The Legislature required $334 million reduction in the Developmental Disabilities Services budget.  This was achieved through a combination of increases (primarily in federal revenue) and decreases in expenditures. See more details in Trailer Bill Language Affecting the Lanterman Act ...

Information on budget cuts to the Developmental Disabilities System

DDS Trail Bill Summary - DDS Supplemental Summary - Parental Fee Notification Letter - Parental Fee Schedule and Explanation

Update on May revisions to FY 2009-10 State budget

Update on May revisions to the Fiscal Year 2009-10 State Budget, California Mental Health Directors Association, 7/27/09

Quick and Dirty Summary of the July 28, 2009 Final Budget Revisions

On July 28, Governor Schwarzenegger signed a spending plan to close state’s approximate $24 billion dollar budget gap. The final budget includes $16.1.billion in spending cuts; $3.5 billion in revenues and revenue accelerations; $2 billion in borrowing, including borrowing from local government; $1 billion in fund shifts; and $1.4 billion in other “solutions.” The Governor made an approximate $395 million in line-item vetoes in the health and human services area. See how the spending plan affects people with disabilities here ... (pub #F03601)


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