California’s protection & advocacy system

For legal assistance call 800-776-5746. For all other purposes call 916-504-5800 in Northern CA

or 213-213-8000 in Southern CA. TTY 800-719-5798.

You could be eligible for services if:

  • You have a developmental disability.
  • You are a regional center consumer.
  • You have a psychiatric disability or emotional impairment.
  • You are a patient in a state psychiatric hospital.
  • You have a physical, learning or sensory disability.
  • You have a traumatic brain injury.
  • You need access to new technology that you believe may help you live a fuller, more independent life.
  • You receive SSI or SSDI and need help with employment issues or keeping your benefits when you return to work.
  • You have questions about your right to vote.

To decide whether we can represent you directly, we will consider:

  • The merits of your claim;
  • Your ability to advocate for yourself;
  • Other advocacy sources you could use;
  • Whether your problem falls within one of our priority areas. The priority areas are decided annually be our Board of Directors. You may read our priorities in our Strategic Plan; and
  • Availability of Disability Rights California resources.