Disability Rights California Vision  Statement

Fast facts

  • Over the last year, we provided direct assistance to 26,681 requests, an increase of 5.8% over 2009.
  • It is due to our dedicated staff that we could handle the rising demand caused mainly by budget cuts.
  • Our training also increased, reaching 43,000 people, up from 33,400 in 2009.
  • The top requests were help with regional centers, education, privacy and autonomy, health, abuse and income maintenance.
  • Last year, help with regional centers was the top request; education was our top issue for decades.
  • Budget cuts seem to be driving the steep demand for help with income maintenance, health services and regional centers.
  • Services to our clients with developmental disabilities also rose to 12,073, an increase of 4%.
  • Assistance in the area of mental health rose, covering 10,414 requests .
  • An additional 4195 services were provided through grants covering people with physical, sensory or learning disabilities, and those needing assistive technology or help with social security work issues.
  • Our class action suits impacted an additional 393,000 Californians last year and stories about a few of these lawsuits appear on pages 4, 5, 8 and 15 of the 2010 Annual Report in English and in Spanish.