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Each month DRC is contacted by nearly 2000 Californians who need disability services. As we face the threat of cutbacks in some of our grants, your donations are needed more than ever to support our advocacy, training, litigation and publications. As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, we rely on your tax-deductible contributions to respond to as many people as possible who need our interventions and information.

Learn how DRC helped Natane, Jimmy, Raqel, Ran, David, Teo and 23,600 others

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If you have questions about how to donate or need additional assistance please call 1-800-776-5746

Lilia ValentinToddler gets corneal transplant & retinal surgery


Two-year-old Natane needed a corneal transplant and retinal surgery but her family's HMO refused coverage. After DRC Senior Attorney marilyn Holle intervened, the surgery was covered and Natane, now four years old, nagivates her world with much more mobility. In fact, the surgery was so successful, doctors have just operated on her other eye.

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