Little girl with pom pomsJoin Disability Rights California's Board

Help us create a barrier-free, inclusive, diverse world where Californians with disabilities enjoy equal rights, dignity, choice, independence and freedom from abuse, neglect and discrimination.

About DRC

We are the largest disability rights advocacy group in the nation, established by federal law to protect and advocate for Californians with disabilities.  Last year we assisted more than 25,000 individuals and hundreds of thousands more benefited from our systems litigation, policy work, trainings and publications.  Last year we helped Raul get support from the state so he could make his van accessible and keep his job; helped state hospital residents receive dental care; and ensured that voting systems were accessible to Californians with visual disabilities.  Read more about our work at

Our Board

DRC’s work is guided by a board, which values diversity of culture, disability and other life experiences.  Board members work together to set DRC’s strategic direction, establish the budget and policies, evaluate the effectiveness of our work and raise funds for DRC.  We are looking for members who embrace what DRC stands for, are leaders in their community, are engaged and able to actively participate at board meetings and in board committees. Please visit our webpage to learn more about each committee. We are seeking public member applications for DRC's OCRA and Legislation Committees. For all positions, we encourage applicants from California’s diverse communities to apply.

Our Committees

DRC’s work is also guided by members of smaller committees. Committee members can be DRC Board members or public members. Please visit our webpage to learn more about each committee. We are seeking public member applications for DRC’s Office of Clients’ Rights Advocacy (OCRA) and Legislation Committees. You do not need to be a DRC Board member to apply for OCRA’s committee. For all positions, we encourage applicants from California’s diverse communities to apply.

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Image of a client and his family

How to Apply

Submit a letter of interest and references to or Fax (916) 504-5809. The letter should include your contact information and answer the following questions.

1. Describe your connection to the disability community and disability civil rights.

2. Identify and briefly describe prior experience serving on boards, including the dates of service and the activities you engaged in as a board member.

3. Describe why you want to join Disability Rights California’s board or a committee as a public member and what you would like to accomplish as a board member or a committee member.

4. Describe your educational background, current employment and/or other volunteer activities.

5. Identify your unique skills and experience such as accounting, legal, public relations, fundraising, disability community connections and languages spoken.

6. List at least two references.  Please include the name, telephone number and email address for each reference. Additionally, please list if you have a relative who is a DRC staff member or on DRC’s Board.

7. In addition to applying for a position on the Board of Directors, please tell us all of the following Committees for which you would like to be considered: Finance, Legislation, OCRA, PAIMI, and/or Program & Planning. You can apply to be a public member of a committee even if you are not a Board member or applying to be a Board member.

8. The following is voluntary: DRC’s Board values diversity. In order to assist the Board in selecting diverse Board members, please identify which of the following group(s) you belong to: Decline to State, African American/Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, White, Multi-racial; Developmental Disability, Psychiatric Disability, Learning Disability, Sensory Disability, Physical Disability, Other Disability; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender.

9. For PAIMI Advisory Council applications, describe your experience working on issues of importance to mental health consumers, and in what capacity you are a provider of mental health services.