California’s protection & advocacy system

For legal assistance call 800-776-5746. For all other purposes call 916-504-5800 in Northern CA

or 213-213-8000 in Southern CA. TTY 800-719-5798.


Annual Reports Annual Report 2016 pdf cover

2016 Annual Report: DRC was founded on the principles of equality, dignity, independence and freedom of people with disabilities. Read how in every aspect of our work – from releasing a major report calling on the state to hold nursing homes accountable for resident deaths to helping a young man move from a facility into his family’s home – achieving these qualities of life for our clients is at the forefront of our work. Pub #AR2016.01 (full color PDF print version) (accessible RTF version) (en Espanol)

Past Annual Reports

2015 this year's successes including Deven's reasonable accommodati Annual Report: Read about some ofons, accessible parking protections in Torrance, Rual's vehicle modifications so he can keep his job, victory in suit over In-Home Supportive Services hours, a woman finally free from conservatorship, and many more! Pub #AR2015.01 (full color PDF print version) (accessible RTF version) (en Espanol)

2014 Annual Report: Read about Holly's service dog "Al", how McDonalds agrees to help deaf patrons at drive-thru windows, Trent obtaining radiation therapy, a historic agreement means thousands will have a chance for a real job, how Meilin got to keep her home and many more stories! Pub #AR2014.01 (full color print version) (accessible version) Spanish (pub #AR2014.02)

2013 Annual Report: Learn how DRC helped Natane, Jimmy, Raqel, Ran, David, Teo and 23,600 others (pdf)

2012 Annual Report:Read about our work this past year, including: Reframing the big picture, IHSS case settlement, Pablo's big win, reducing abuse, benefit denials reversed, Heidi's fight for her freedom, threat to shared housing, helping mother confront landlord, Lilia's self-advocacy and lots more!Also available in Spanish (pub #AR2012.02)

2011 Annual Report of Disability Rights California: Read our success stories and how we helped: David find a more inclusive school; Joaquin to leave an institution and move to his own place; and Esther to hold on to her community-based services. Download and read the latest DRC Annual Report (#AR2011.01), also available in Spanish (AR2011.02).

2010 Annual Report of Disability Rights California: Our new 16 page illustrated annual report is now available in English (#AR2010.01) also available in Spanish (pdf) (#AR2010.02).

2009 Annual Report of Disability Rights California: Our 16 page illustrated annual report isavailable in English (#AR2009.01) and Spanish (#AR2009.02).

Our 2008 Annual Report in English and in Spanish. The vision of Disability Rights California is a barrier free, inclusive world that values diversity, culture and each individual. In this world all people with disabilities have equality, dignity, power, freedom of choice, independence, and freedom from abuse, neglect and discrimination. Our work in 2008 reflects these values. Download the illustrated PDF version of the 2008 Annual Report here ... ó descargue aquíi la versión ilustrada en forma PDF de nuestro Reporte Anual de 2008 en español ...

The 2007 annual report, now in English and in Spanish, summarizes our legal and advocacy work from 10/1/06 to 9/20/07. The 28-page report also provides some fast facts, an overview of major disability legislation, profiles of employees and people who received services, and more. Download our illustrated 2007 annual report here ... and/y Descargar el reporte anual ilustrada de 2007 en español aquí ...

Our 2006 annual report cites highlights and summarizes how its outreach events, trainings, publications, class action lawsuits and system litigation benefited hundreds of thousands more. Download the illustrated PDF version here ... and el reporte anual de 2006 en español aquí ...